The Choir

True Psaltes learn authentic chanting around the lectern. Only there breathes the spirit that animates the Psaltes’ voices with love and prayer. We have all felt the call of the byzantine lectern at a certain time, in a church or a monastery. At first, we did not dare to approach – we were watching with excitement and desire the open books and the men reading their secret notations. After a while, we summoned up our courage, we approached or we were called by someone who sensed our eagerness.

We began to follow the drone; we learned the musical notation and listened to borrowed tapes and CDs of famous Psaltes. Music opened before us like a book and continues to surprise us with its secrets, secrets that one discovers only through yearlong quests.
The Devout Deacon Marius Stelian Miilitaru proposed us to form a choir with a particular style, dedicated to the byzantine lectern. We readily accepted. Most of us are students or graduates of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology. Some of the members are not theologians, but God has ordained us all to be attracted to the Byzantine Chant.
Any work pleasing to God – and especially dedicated to Him – ought to have a blessing. For any important action, man takes the blessing from his bodily or spiritual father. All the more so, a Byzantine Religious Music Choir is appropriate to have the blessing of a Bishop.
God worked mysteriously and ordained us to receive the blessing from the first of His servants – His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. In the midst of his numerous activities, His Beatitude the Patriarch listened to our choir, and in his wisdom he decided to officially pronounce us Missionary Byzantine Choir of the Romanian Patriarchy. With submission and with joy we received, with this occasion, a new name: EVLOGHIA, the Byzantine Music Choir.

Our activity as a Choir consists in participating to religious services, in churches in Romania and abroad, recording discs of Byzantine Chants (Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, with the participation of the Eparch Bishop Galaction of Alexandria and Teleorman; The Prophets have Called You of Old… – selected Byzantine Chants).
We hope that, in God’s Will and with the help of His Saints, we shall not prove unworthy of His gift, and that we shall honor the blessing of his Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, spreading the Byzantine Religious Music in praise of God, strengthening through our chants the hearts of the faithful. God is still working, and we want to remind everyone of His work. With the prayers of St. John the Russian (our first patron) and of Saint Eulogia, we put ourselves under the protection of the Mother of God, to whom we pray to fulfill through us the sacred words:
“Thy singers, Mother of God, You that are the live and satiate spring, them, who gathered spiritually, strengthen in your divine glory, dignifying them worthy of the crowns of greatness!”